VeriPal FAQ

What is VeriPal?

VeriPal is a new 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) app allowing you to securely authenticate your personal accounts online. VeriPal also generates TOTP secrets, enabling you to establish mutual trust between you and your personal contacts. VeriPal is identity verification made simple.

VeriPal is available on iOS and Android.

Who is VeriPal for?

VeriPal is for anyone who is a 2FA user, and wants to begin using TOTP technology to begin verifying human identities.

If you are an individual, VeriPal is free to use. If you have any feedback or issues, please email support.

If you are a business, and want to learn how VeriPal can help you use 2FA technology to securely verify your customer's identities, please contact us.

Why is VeriPal useful?

Apart from being a stellar 2FA authenticator app (we are RFC 6238 compliant, with added features), VeriPal is the missing link in human-to-human identity verification.

In an age where convincing "deepfake" impersonation attacks are occuring in real time, VeriPal can be used to securely verify identities over any real time communication channel. These channels include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • Video chat
  • ... Even morse code!
VeriPal is a powerful solution to the problem of identity verification. Currently, banks and telecom companies use very dated and unsecure methods to verify their customer's identities. For example,

  • A 4 digit PIN code that never changes
  • "Security questions" such as your mother's maiden name or your address
  • Details about your purchase history, for example the last charge on your credit card
VeriPal addresses this problem by creating unique, secure codes that rotate every 30 seconds. 2FA technology is completely infeasible to crack, making it perfect to use for secure and reliable identity verification. Read more on our blog.

How does VeriPal work?

VeriPal leverages the open TOTP standard and works completely offline. There is no internet connection necessary to use VeriPal. We take the privacy and security of our users very seriously, so we collect minimal amounts of data. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

How do I share secrets with my friend?

  1. Generate a TOTP secret by tapping the "+" in the top-right corner the "Accounts" screen, and tapping "Generate Secret".
  2. Enter a name for your Contact.
  3. Share the generated secret with your contact by allowing them to scan the QR code using the "Scan QR Code" available in the "+" menu on their VeriPal app, or by sharing the secret via another trusted channel by using the "Share" option below the QR code.
  4. Tap "Save".
  5. At this point, both parties will see a unique six-digit code, which updates every 30 seconds. This allows them to uniquely identify each other on potentially unsecured communication channels, for example an unknown phone number.

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